It’s the LITTLE things that count

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I was looking through my poetry journal today when I came across a note I wrote a year ago.

I hope you feel better! Gatorade helps!
(roughly July 2k17)

I wrote this to a coworker of mine (whom I really loved) and she wasn’t feeling that great that day. It was a small and typically insignificant gesture, but I wanted her to feel loved and known when she may not have felt that at that time.

So, I presented the most logical and ethical small gesture I could think of- I stole a white Gatorade bottle from work, wrote the small note above, and left it outside her door. Just so you know, she didn’t really notice me at all.

I felt like a kid leaving a little surprise for their idol. I was super giddy and nervous and excited all that once at her reaction to it. Will she love it? Will she think it’s some weird prank? Will she be confused because I didn’t sign it? I anticipated the next day at work.

She thanked me at work the next day and said it really made her day.

Two things went through my head: Oh, boy! She liked it :))) and I’m surprised she actually liked it. It may sound weird, but I was so excited that I kind of wiped my mind of all possibilities and left it at: She might like it, but who knows? I didn’t realize it would actually help her as much as she portrayed to me. She seemed like she sincerely appreciated that stolen Gatorade.

After that day, we became closer and closer.

I noticed that when you love someone first, when you go out of your way to show them you care about them, they will almost always appreciate that 100%. Odd numbers, but you know what I mean. And in that sense, you become closer to people you want to be closer to and closer to those you may not have been expecting, which is a nice bonus!

I feel that love is a wonderful, bottomless resource we could all freely share more.

I’ve followed a prompting to smile and start a conversation with people and became extremely close friends with some people. For example, one my best friends was created because I had this strange assumption she was an artist. She answered saying, “Um, kind of? I mean I like to draw sometimes?”

And I was just thinking, “Why did I ask her that, anyway?” But because I followed that prompting, I gained another sister.

Going out of my fractured shell was the best thing I ever did. I’ve gained a new family from Church, the Grand Canyon, and now Deer Valley. I’ve gained a treasury from giving so much, and I find that to be the best meaning to life.