A mood.

He grabs me by my collar,Hands rough and unforgiving.He pulls me close to him, bitter breathAnd bitter expression. He stares me down and says,”You aren’t enough, you’re small.You want what you want butCan’t accept it. You’re hooked on a dreamThat shattered when you reached for it.If you could will the bones within youTo fold in … Continue reading A mood.


I’m unsure of myself. I’m scared of what others might think.I used to be a bold tiger,But now I’m just a slug.I consider myself a humanAnd sure, that means I’ve got a soul,But oftentimes I question what that meansAnd for what and what for.I’m unsure of who I was.Memory doesn’t serve me right,In fact, it … Continue reading Un-sure


Pebble and shell (shattered) scratch inside my eyes.My heart sags less- hopefulness- not stressed and yet hypnotized.Hypnotized or hypothesized? I feel new, grand, rewritten.A pull on one muscle tweaks two to be risen.I stretch out a finger, all four of them glistenIn moonlight that reveals to me -plainly- a vision.My tail rocks wall and wall- … Continue reading Prodigious