General Conference, Oct 2018

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The 2018 October General Conference was absolutely amazing. I felt the Holy Spirit testifying to me that what the apostles and Prophet spoke of was true.
One thing that really stood out to me was President Nelson’s focus on a “home-centered Church”. I wondered about what this meant (and still am as I study up on it) and there were definitely 4 prominent things I took from his message:


The Lord wants us to really focus on personal revelation. In the General Authorities’ effort of creating more time in the Sabbath day and putting in such a rigorous effort to create a curriculum that not only applies to the Sabbath, but the entire week, it is evident to see that personal study coupled with personal revelation will create a more converted and knowledgeable population of the Church. This is essential for obvious reasons.


The Lord wants us to focus on family unity. There is nothing more debilitating than a divided family. Families are indeed the basic building blocks of not only God’s Kingdom, but society. With the extended time to spend at home, there is more ample opportunity to study as a family and learn as a family. There will be more familial inspirations and revelations that I’m sure will lead to great blessings. Not doing so would be as if you expected personal advice when reading a generic article. It just won’t work as well as it could.
The home should be a place full of the Spirit and study and learning. President Nelson’s announcement will help dissolve family disunity and promote consolidation.


The Lord wants us to focus on the sacrament. Too often is sacrament not taken seriously. It becomes routine and just another thing that happens at church, as some apostles said. I’m honestly not too educated myself on the importance of the sacrament, but this extended time is perfect to learn that. With this shortened time block, we’ll have much more of an emphasis on the importance of such a short but substantial event that occurs at church.

And with the encouragement to study more during the week, we can also consider and ponder the things that would be sufficient to “take to the altar” and leave to the Savior.


The Lord wants us to focus on Ministering. We now have another hour to prepare and think of those we need to Minister to. An hour may not seem like much, but it can be a world of difference. Ministering is really only a reminder of the covenants we’ve made upon baptism: To love one another as Jesus loves us. It can be challenging to just go for it and inculcate yourself into someone’s life, but it’s definitely worth it- for you and them. Loving someone can never hurt, right? As the Relief Society motto says: “Charity Never Faileth”. And it’s true. Charity can never do any wrong. It comes from the purest part of our hearts in good intent. It’s the most Christ-like thing we can possibly do. It is the most rewarding way to recompense what the Savior payed for us. We can serve His sheep, we can love and nourish His sheep.
The Lord asks US to because HE can’t be here the way we can be here on Earth for His children. We can hug someone for Him and invite someone over for dinner for Him. We can drive a ward member’s kids to a soccer game for Him and make dessert for a birthday party for Him. HE can give incredible and spiritual and amazing gifts to any one of us to ever exist, but He only asks that we show love to others so that THEY know He loves them. We are His hands.
I love this new curriculum and cannot wait to see the good fruits it will bear. I love our Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson and his apostles, and I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with all my heart. I bear my testimony that these are things are true and have been inspired by God and are meant for the people of this time in the latter days. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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