perfect 09/3/18

How can the human brain- a worm-like mass in our heads- contain so much information? It corrals in sights, smells, sounds, it stores savory flavors. It recognizes my husband and children. David; Mallory, Reese, and Theo. It knows my favorite pregnancy craving: Pickled radishes. Yum. It knows how to beat up taxes’ butt. It knows … Continue reading perfect 09/3/18

Reach 9/1/2018

We’ve finally made it. We’ve moved past the mark, caught the moving lines, nabbed the ribbon-rush. We flew to the highs and pumbled the lows. We crushed the serpent’s lush. The waters rise and typhoons spread. But we’ve finally, finally made it. And we’re safe on the misty peaks while it gains amongst the underbrush. … Continue reading Reach 9/1/2018