The Narrows

June 30th, 2017

Just a few days ago, I managed to sneak my way into a trip with a few friends- Anna, Tiffany, and Sasha.

We left at about 9 am (woops, sorry guys for the uber long hold up), but it was well worth the short time we had. The Narrows was possibly the most beautiful place I’d ever been to!!! The sun hit everything just right. The water was clear and sometimes, a pigmented blue. The peaks were high and rising. The canyons surrounding us were rigid and incapsulating.

There were lush greens and lively birds about; something I most definitely did not expect. I could smell the freshness of the air so well, I had forgotten what cigarettes and sewage smelled like for those brief 8 hours.

As I looked around the Canyon, I couldn’t help but think about how God had made ALL of it. How he created the rock formations and caused the water to flow into tame, yet strong currents. He made the beauty we were gazing at for the day, and I am oh, so grateful for it. I find that at times of pure beauty, I just can’t help but think of the Lord. He is the Creator, the Almighty, All Knowing and All Loving Heavenly Father to us!! He loved us so much that sent His Only Begotten Son, who made all of this for us, and died for us so we could have eternal joy as well. All I can say is, ‘Thank you, Lord’!

Until next time!

I’ll see all of you later!!!! I will try to update as much as possible!! Let me know if you have any suggestions for me!!

Love, Me 💖

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