Justified Center


My clouds are falling; their draft a bit dim-
Fluffy trees and black rocks' skim.
I love the adventure of hiking
In the nature that God has created-- Respecting
All but a few Steller's Jay, whom sweep
in flight at my hair & sunglasses.
Heavy feet- heavy hearts take me higher &
Higher. Such admiration is congratulated-
Kudo'sed, even. "Good for you! And we mean it, too."
"What an achievement of enduring on"
Under the Milk Cream Sun.
Steeples climbing (a journey amiss),
I'd rather stay idle- subsidal- like this.
Like stacked cups the rocks confide
The basin that surrounds me.
Are you hidden? My heart. Don't look away.
You're there, I know it. Just don't lead astray.
Our way is set & our paths paved prudently-
Never dismiss a feeling of joy, hardly.

-Diyana Love, 사랑-

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