Pink Carnations


Thinking, thinking
And thinking some more.
When is my time up?
When can I stop? Just, lax?
Idle thoughts are a silver lining
for pondering.
My thoughts, exactly.
Filling my mind in meaningful
Helps fill the void in my mind.
Nostalgia of my past, a past
that has repeated itself.
Orchestras and flutes and pianos
Pastel pinks
And soft greens
And blue and white
My dream-scape
My fantasy....
Burning artificial
Sun in my eyes-
On my skin.
My dream-scape.
Propelling an image,
A person. Not me.
Could be.
A wish that this could be.
Wishes & destiny.
Who's to say they coincide?
Dreams & fate.
Plausible and the impossible all
Blanketed in one song; a 
melody of swirling violins,
submissive piano chords,
sirene flutes,
robust cellos,
booming trumpets,
heart-wrenching French horns,
heavy drums,
tapping toes,
And me.

Diyana Love 사랑

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